Statements and opinions 2009

Measures to protect and restrict a patient's right of self-determination, 10.6.2009

In connection with the preparation by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of legislation regarding the restriction of the right of self-determination, ETENE discussed restrictions of a patient's/client's right of self-determination at its meetings on 25 March 2008, 3 April 2009 and 28 May 2009.

In its statement, ETENE emphasises that in planning, employing and evaluating any measures to protect and restrict a patient's or client's right of self-determination attention must be paid to fairness, human dignity, the right of self-determination, the best interests of the patient/client and good care practice.

The patient/client must be involved and heard in the planning of any protection and restriction measures. If the patient/client is not himself/herself able to participate in this evaluation, his/her legal representative, family member or other representative must be consulted if possible before any measures are undertaken.

ETENE proposes that a separate act be enacted on restrictions to the right of self-determination. ETENE is willing to contribute to the preparation of such an act.

Entire statement in Finnish (pdf, 469 kB)